Artificial Intelligence in Education

ETH Zürich, Autumn Semester 2022 : Course catalog

Course Description

The course will be centered around analyzing educational data using AI methods and methodological and system-focused perspectives on designing AI systems for education.

The course will start with an introduction to data mining techniques (e.g., prediction, structure discovery, visualization, and relationship mining) relevant to analyzing educational data. We will then continue with topics on personalization in AI in educational technologies (e.g., learner modeling and knowledge tracing, self-improving AIED systems) while showcasing example applications in areas such as content curation, automatic assessment and dialog-based tutoring. Finally, we will cover ethical challenges associated with using AI in student facing settings.

Face-to-face meetings will be held every fortnight, although students will be expected to work individually on weekly tasks (e.g., discussing relevant literature, working on problems, preparing seminar presentations).

Students will be expected to:

  • engage in presentations and active in-class and asynchronous discussion,
  • work on problem-sets exemplifying the use of educational data mining techniques.


This is a research driven, hands-on class. Your participation is important.

The final assessment will be a combination of:

  • 60% - exercise sets (4 X 15%)
  • 25% - discussion forum activities on Moodle (5 X 5%)
  • 15% - role-based research paper presentation
  • 2% - potential bonus for class participation (attendance and paper discussions in class)

No written exams! Our focus is on learning and continuous evaluation.

Lectures: Thu 13:15-15:00 (ML H44)

Exercise Sessions: Thu 15:15-16:00 (ML H44)

Discussion forum: Moodle

Textbooks: We will not follow any particular textbook. We will draw material from a number of research papers.

Course Schedule

 Lecture/Discussion Date Topic Course Materials Events           
  1  22.09.22     Introduction    
  2  29.09.22     Discussion Forum Activity    
  3  06.10.22  Educational Data Mining (Part 1)
(Prediction + Unsupervised structure discovery)
  Assignment 1.1 Released
  4  13.10.22     Work on Assignment 1.1 + Discussion Forum Activity    
  5  20.10.22  Educational Data Mining (Part 2)
(Correlation Mining + Causal Relationship Mining)
  Assignment 1.2 Released
  6  27.10.22     Work on Assignment 1.2 + Discussion Forum Activity    
  7  03.11.22  AIED Applications
(Content Curation + Dialog Tutoring)
  8  10.11.22     Discussion Forum Activity    
  9  17.11.22  Personalization (Part 1)
(Learner Modeling and Knowledge Tracing)
  Assignment 2.1 Released
  10  24.11.22     Work on Assignment 2.1 + Discussion Forum Activity    
  11  01.12.22  Personalization (Part 2)
(Self-Improving AIED)
  Assignment 2.2 Released
  12  08.12.22     Work on Assignment 2.2 + Discussion Forum Activity    
  13  15.12.22  Ethical Issues in AIED    

Discussion forum activity

For discussions, you can do any two of:

  • make one unique post about the article read, or,
  • one critique on a peer’s post, or,
  • answer any one of the posted question about the readings (< 250 words),

Please see Moodle for more details.

Role-based seminar presentation in class

Presentation for 20 minutes followed by a 10-minute question answers/discussion. Please see Moodle for more details.



You can ask questions on Moodle. Please post questions there, so others can see them and share in the discussion. If you have questions which are not of general interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Lecturers Mrinmaya SachanTanmay Sinha
Teaching Assistants Kumar ShridharJakub MacinaSankalan Pal ChowdhuryPeng Cui