Group Members

Mrinmaya Sachan

Assistant Professor, ETH Zurich

Hobbies: Tennis, Boardgames, Travelling

  • MS/PhD Carnegie Mellon
  • BTech IIT Kanpur

Patrizia Napoli

Administrative Assistant

Sankalan Pal Chowdhury

PhD Student

Hobbies: Singing

  • BS IIT Delhi

Peng Cui

PhD Student

Hobbies: Reading, Travelling, Fitness

  • MS Harbin Institute of Technology
  • BS Harbin Institute of Technology

Nico Daheim

PhD Student, ELLIS fellow (Primary advisor: Iryna Gurevych)

Hobbies: Fitness, Football, Hiking

Start year: 2022

Research interest: Dialog systems, natural language generation, retrieval models

  • MS RWTH Aachen University
  • BS University of Koblenz

Shehzaad Dhuliawala

PhD Student, IBM fellow

Hobbies: Reading, boardgames, hiking

  • MS UMass Amherst
  • BS VNIT Nagpur

Yifan Hou

PhD student, SDSC fellow

Hobbies: Fitness, PC games, Cycling


Zhijing Jin

PhD Student, Ellis fellow (Primary advisor: Bernhard Schölkopf)

Hobbies: Kayaking, hiking, learning languages

Start year: 2020

Research interest: CausalNLP, NLP for Social Good, robustness, AI safety

  • BS University of Hong Kong

Jiaoda Li

PhD Student, ETH AI center fellow (co-advised with Ryan Cotterell)

Hobbies: Movie, Table tennis, Museum

  • MS ETH Zürich
  • BS City University of Hong Kong

Tianyu Liu

Direct Doctorate Student (co-advised with Ryan Cotterell)

  • BS Peking University

Jakub Macina

PhD Student, ETH AI center fellow (co-advised with Manu Kapur)

Hobbies: Football, Mountain biking, Hiking

Start year: 2021

Research interest: NLP in education, generative models

  • MS Slovak University of Technology
  • BS Slovak University of Technology

Andreas Opedal

PhD Student, CLS fellow (co-advised with Bernhard Schölkopf)

Hobbies: Skiing, Traveling

Start year: 2022

Research interest: Cognitive modeling, formal languages, interpretability, reasoning

  • MS ETH Zürich
  • BS Chalmers University of Technology

Yilmazcan Ozyurt

PhD Student

Hobbies: Guitar, table tennis, video games

Research interest: math word problem solving, knowledge tracing, knowledge distillation

  • MS ETH Zurich
  • BS Koc University

Javier Rando

PhD Student, ETH AI Center fellow (co-advised with Florian Tramèr)

Hobbies: travelling, basketball

  • MSc ETH Zurich
  • BSc Pompeu Fabra University

Kumar Shridhar

PhD Student

Hobbies: Tennis, Traveling

Start year: 2021

Research interest: Generative models, entity linking, maths word problem solving

  • MS TU Kaiserslautern

Alessandro Stolfo

PhD Student, CYD Fellow

Hobbies: Football, Skiing, Drumming

  • MS ETH Zurich
  • BS Politecnico di Milano

Vilém Zouhar

PhD Student

Hobbies: Electric guitar, boardgames, literature

Start year: 2022

Research interest: Non-mainstream MT, creative NLP, fusion-/retrieval-enhanced NLP

  • MS Saarland + Groningen University
  • BS Charles University

Quynh Anh Nguyen

Master Student

Hobbies: Philosophy, Psychology, Meditation

  • MS University of Milan, ETH Zürich (exchange)
  • BS FTU Vietnam

Vansh Gupta

Master Student

Hobbies: Badminton, Cinema, Taekwondo, Travelling

Research interest: Interpretability, AI Safety, AI for Social Good

  • ETH Zürich
  • IIT Delhi

Carl Allen

PostDoctoral Fellow, ETH AI Centre

Hobbies: Travelling, surfing, hiking, cycling

Research interest: mathematical understanding of machine learning, representation and latent variable modelling

  • MS Oxford, Edinburgh
  • PhD Edinburgh

Ethan Wilcox

Postdoctoral Researcher

Start year: 2022

Research interest: how people process language as they read; how they make inferences about language structure during language learning

  • BS Stanford University
  • PhD Harvard University

Xiaoyu Zhang

PostDoc Fellow, ETH AI center

Research interest: Visual Analytics, Text & Knowledge Visualization, HCI, Human-AI Collaboration, Human-Centered AI, Explainable AI

  • MS Zhejiang University
  • PhD University of California, Davis